Welcome to Pixie Water Well Service

The Prentice Family came to the Center area in 1990 and sank roots. After 15 years in the poultry industry, we incorporated our water well drilling company. We specialize in residential and farm wells and offer drilling and complete water system installation and repair.

Water is a precious resource and we take seriously the responsibility to insure satisfactory water for the customer and protection of the aquifer. In the bible,(Revelation 11:18) we are advised that the time will come when God will "bring to ruin those who are ruining the earth". We strive to live in harmony with that and all other bible principles.


The father, William E. Prentice is a graduate of LSU with a degree in International Agriculture and extensive experience in farming and livestock rearing,including 14 years in Ecuador, South America, where he managed a cattle ranch and a shrimp hatchery. He married a former school teacher, Ines Narvaez, and the three oldest kids were born in Ecuador. He has a Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) license as a well driller and pump installer. Whenever a customer calls the 936-488-0375 main number you will talk to the senior William Prentice.

The son, William H. Prentice, a graduate of Shelbyville High School, is the licensed water well driller. He enjoys the challenge of well drilling. He is assisted by his brother, Paul, a graduate of SFA, who finds satisfaction in well drilling and a job well done.

The two younger daughters, Hannah and Stephanie, are learning the trade. Hannah especailly likes installing and replacing submersible pumps with the Pixie Pulling Rig.